Nicole & William have first-hand experience managing multi-family properties. From experience with Move-in’s/Move-out’s, renovating units, snow removal, managing maintenance and tenant disputes – we’ve seen it all!  

A multifamily home is any residential property that features more than one housing unit. 

Residential properties that features more than one unit

These could be duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, apartment complexes, or really anything that involves multiple tenants living in occupied units on one property. Owners can live in any of these units as well, which would make it an owner-occupied property—something we call “house hacking,” which is typically done with residential multifamily properties with two, three, or four total units. 

Properties with more than four units, sometimes up to six units are deemed commercial, while four and below are deemed residential. This distinction is important for lending purposes, as the lending rules for residential multifamily differ from the lending rules for commercial investments. 

In addition to the lending distinction, larger multifamily properties may also have different methods for finding, analyzing, financing, and managing the property. For this reason, most investors getting into multifamily start with small residential properties and move into the larger multifamily deals once they’ve gained some experience. 

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Why Multi-Family?

Cash flow is the amount of rental income leftover each month after you have paid all of your expenses.  When trying to get the best return on your investment, purchasing multifamily homes is a great option. 

When you own a house and that house goes vacant, you’re 100% vacant, earning no money from that unit. But if you own multifamily properties, if one unit needs repairs or is vacant, you have other units that can carry its slack for the time being. That makes multifamily units a very powerful asset, especially for a beginning investor. 

Finally, there’s the power of house hacking, the process by which you’ll live in one unit and rent the other units out. Multifamily makes this possible! 


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